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Networking, Branding, & Social Media? ...Oh My!


Networking, Branding, & Social Media? ...Oh My!

Christine Grey

Writing these blogs for Citrine Grey has given me the opportunity to reflect on my experiences as a woman in business and, it has also allowed me to reflect on my experiences with starting and growing my own small business. This is why I have decided to dedicate this blog post to branding, social media, and other things I have learned over the past few years of running Citrine Grey.  

Starting a business can be daunting. With the markets flooded by large corporations, success can seem almost impossible from the outside looking in. That is why it is important for social media and personal branding to be incorporated into your business plan from the start.  

 Your brand is your first introduction to a customer. It is as important, if not more important, as your business plan according to Entrepreneur.


“Be your own best customer. Live your customer’s lifestyle.”

- Milena Glimbovski

Areva Martin says “If people don't know who you are and what you represent, they won't do business with you”. She could not be more correct. Nowadays, in a time of social media, people want to feel connected to your company before they spend their hard-earned money. In the US alone, 82% of adults are reported to be loyal to a specific brand and customers spend an average of 43% more money on brands that they trust.

It is easier than ever for the general public to search for the cheapest price, best quality, or fanciest deal. With options being so readily available, people are no longer caring about products unless you give them a reason to care. Using marketing tools like social media to build a story and an emotional connection with customers is the key to care, and success.

The best way to the right impressions is simple, you must research, be consistent, and invest in yourself. First, get to know your customers, who are you marketing to, what to the need, how can you help them, what will they respond to? You can’t phone this in, the more time you spend getting to know your customer base the better you will be able to evaluate your brand to figure out how to best market yourself. Next, consistency is key! If you constantly change your style you will confuse your customer base. Find the perfect way to represent yourself and stick with it that way your loyal customers will be easily able to recognize your content. Lastly, invest in your brand. Investment is not always about money. Take the time to carefully craft a brand that you believe in, something that is an extension of yourself. The more detailed your branding is the better your customers will be able to relate and trust you.

Additionally, networking is an absolute must. I would not be where I am now without the connections I have made and the incredibly talented people who have taught me along the way. Social Media is an incredible resource for this. Not only can you grow your brand but, you can connect with like-minded businesses and customers. Everything you need is at the tips of your fingers.

I started Citrine Grey to represent and support strong and powerful women in the business industry. I named the company after the Citrine stone, which is a part of the third chakra and considered the power center of the body. The stone represents creativity, wealth, and women’s self-worth. It represents the energy for women to go after exactly what they want. I wanted to make a brand of clothing for women to do exactly that. Our clothing is classic. Sleek, flattering silhouettes with comfort that allows for all-day wear without looking like you wore it all day because I believe It’s not about what you wear, but how you feel that matters. That is what my brand will always represent, women supporting women in their pursuit of greatness.